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A day without Google

In first instance which took place in the happiest country of the world “Bhutan” its called happiest not because everyone is laughing it’s in the air the feel which you experience once you start meeting lovely local people. Once while traveling to a place in Bhutan and i forget the name of the place where i had lunch with my schoolmates and seriously i was completely point black and my hands rushed to my phone to google it and suddenly i realized that there was no internet
In second such instance as we were strucked at tabo, a small village in spiti valley and it was snowing heavily with no light and mobile service so once again i forget name of a place as usual and started stressing my mind over it but no result.
It took me complete night and next day when i was taking a bath then I remembered we crossed Chehe La and then had lunch at beautiful town named Haa.
No google for two days and it made me realize that I am from 80’s and back in the days we used to remember all our friends contact numbers and now hardly we recall 2 or 3 number from our phone directory things have changed, I feel our cell phones are controlling our lives and its because we are choosing our masters ,paying hefty amount of money to control.
We sat and actually talked like normal people we laughed steped out of our cosy comfortable room ,gazed at the old monastery of Tabo and clouds moving at a very fast pace. I will always remember these two non googled days surly for the rest of my life.

( In past a year or so I realised that i have been checking my cell every now and then
On many instances i feel its ringing or got a notification but we i check there is nothing I wish you are not going through the same. )

There was a time when we learn landline phone number and their were friends who have every friends phone numbers by heart in short we were using our brain’s RAM and Hard drives for storage but during those time content was less as we moved ahead and moved really fast so in order to keep in the competetion we evolved and now this technology is a part of us good or bad rational or difficult all depends how you use it and how much dependent are you because they are logging every search you are entering into ur gadget.

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